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Henry Blog Post: Pandanda Servers

Recently, Pandanda Private servers such as iPandanda have been released. Although it may seem like a cool idea, they and others have not been given permission, and it may be unsafe. Today, the Pandanda Team made a post on the Pandanda Blog explaining the future of Pandanda, while also clearing up questions about private servers.

Hi everyone,

We have recently had several inquiries about private servers running Pandanda. Please be aware, Sunleaf Studios has not licensed Pandanda to anyone or given permission to any other site to run a Pandanda server. 

Any site other than www.pandanda.com that is hosting Pandanda is running an illegal pirated copy of Pandanda. These sites are in violation of copyright and trademark law and are neither authorized or endorsed by Sunleaf Studios.

Why we don't license Pandanda to other sites:

1) Our most import goal in running Pandanda is the safety of our players. Live moderators, database security, chat filters, and customer support are just a few of the requirements to ensure the safety and protection of players, particularly in a virtual world designed for younger players. Without our complete control over a site, we are unable protect the players. The site may have inadequate firewalls to prevent someone from stealing your password or the files could contain computer viruses or malicious code to harm your computer. We will not risk the safety of Pandanda players.

2) Although the Pandanda virtual world is currently suspended, we are still working on using the Pandanda brand for other projects in the future. This requires us to maintain control of the Pandanda trademark and all content and ensure the quality of all Pandanda products meet our approval.

If you come across another website running a copy of Pandanda on their own servers, please let us know by emailing us at support@pandanda.com. These sites are operating illegally and Sunleaf Studios will aggressively defend its copyright and pursue criminal charges as necessary.

-The Pandanda Team

Thanks Pandanda for the information! If you all do find a copy of Pandanda, please report it so Sunleaf Studios may deal with it directly.

Pandanda Not Closing After All?

Recently, players all over the world were shocked when they found out their beloved game, Pandanda, was to be closing on October 28th, 2012. But good news maybe! Thanks to my friend pixieone09, Pandanda may be opening again after all! She told me the messages by Pandanda have changed!

Still confused? Let me explain. When Pandanda closed, this was the message on the website. It said Pandanda had closed for financial reasons and can't sustain ongoing development.

Well NOW, it says that it is currently SUSPENDED (not closed). Not only that, but they have to currently put ongoing development on HOLD. They even said any projects will be posted here! Notice the differences between the pictures?

This is SUCH good news maybe! Maybe Pandanda might be opening once again in the future! But let's not get our hopes too high though. What do you guys think? Are you excited?

Party On,

Pandanda's Third Anniversary!

It's here! Pandanda's third ever Anniversary! For three years now since launch, Pandanda has been running, providing thousands of players with online activities and fun! Today makes the 3rd year passed since Pandanda's Launch on October 24th, 2009. Today, celebrate Pandanda's last anniversary by wearing your previous Anniversary clothes and Pandanda colors! Check out my Pandanda themed outfit!

Pandanda has been a great journey, and I am proud to have blogged for the game and participated with everyone in it. Today, in honor of Pandanda's launch, I shall be wearing my launch shirts.

During Pandanda's Launch, many new things were introduced to the game. New clothing, Dragons, Pet Shop, new furniture, new potions, new rooms, and PLENTY more!

 Here are just a few pictures of Pandanda's launch as a sort of flash back for previous/new players.

For even more pictures and memories, take a stroll through Pandanda Gang's October 2009 Archive! So many good times! What was your favorite part about Pandanda's Launch?

Party On,

Pandanda Ghost Potion Day!

Although Pandanda is closing, there is still fun to have in Pandanda Land! Today is Ghost Potion day! Stay inside if you're easily scared because everyone is going to be a ghostly panda today! Purchase your ghost potions from Paige at the Bear Hollow and haunt Pandanda!

What are you waiting for ghostly pandas? Get out there and haunt the land!